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Department of Electrical Engineering

Semester Courses

1st Semester

S/N Course
2101101 Mathematics Ι GBC
2101102 Electrical Circuits Ι SBC
2101104 Electrochemistry GBC
2101105 Mechanics GBC
2102204 Computer Programming Ι GBC

2nd Semester

S/N Course
2102201 Mathematics ΙΙ GBC
2102202 Electrical Circuits ΙΙ SBC
2102203 Physics GBC
2103306 Computer Programming ΙΙ GBC
2104406 Materials Technology GBC

3rd Semester

S/N Course
2102206 English (Terminology) SBC
2103301 Mathematics ΙΙΙ GBC
2103302 Electronics I SBC
2103303 Digital Design SBC
2103305 Electromagnetic Fields SBC
2113307 Computer-Aided Electrical Design SBC

4th Semester

S/N Course
2103304 Electrical Measurements SBC
2104401 Automatic Control Systems I SBC
2104402 Electrical Machines I SC
2104403 Electronics II SBC
2104404 Microcontrollers SC
2105503 Power Electronics SC

5th Semester

S/N Course
2102207 Technical Project Management (Μ.Ε.L.H.C.)* GBC
2105501 Automatic Control Systems II SBC
 2105502  Electrical Machines II  SC
2105505 Renewable Energy Sources I SBC
2107704 Lighting Technology SC
One (1) of the following two (2) compulsory elective courses is required
2107708 Industrial and Post-modern Society (Μ.Ε.L.H.C.)* GBC
2107709 Decision Support Systems (Μ.Ε.L.H.C.)* GBC

6th Semester

S/N Course
2106601 Interior Electrical Installations I SC
2106603 Electrotechnical Applications SC
2106609 Electrical Power Generation and Economic Operation of Electrical Power Systems SC
2107712 Electric Power Distribution SC
One (1) of the following four (4) compulsory elective courses is required
2106605  Building Mechanical Installations  SC
2106606  Energy and Enviroment  SC
2106612 Ship Electrical Installations SC
2106613 Mathematic Methods of Solving Electrical and Magnetic Circuits SC
One (1) of the following three (3)compulsory elective courses is required
2106608 Renewable Energy Sources II SC
2106611 Measurement Technology and Sensors SC
2106614 Industrial Electronics SC

7th Semester

S/N Course
2106604 High Voltage Engineering SC
2116610 Electrical Power Systems SC
2107701 Interior Electrical Installations II SC
2107703 Electric Motion SC 
One (1) of the following five (5) compulsory elective courseis required

Lightning and Surge Protection

2107706 Protection of Electrical Power Systems SC
2107710 Smart Electrical Installations SC
2107712 Mathematic Analysis Methods of Production Systems, Transfer and Energy Distribution SC

Reliability and Quality Control Systems


8th Semester

S/N Course
2108801 Practical Training (not a course)
2108802 Dissertation Project

*M.E.L.H.C.: Management, Economy, Legislation & Humanity Course